Sunday, 7 February 2010

Signs I like #2

A rather hilarious doctoring (not by me! I wish I'd thought of it!) of one of the fairly pompous signs posted on the footpath around the outside of King's Park in Stirling - well done the marker pen graffiti-ist. I have thought about putting some signs on the tees saying: "DANGER! Dog walking in progress. Please attempt to keep golf balls on the fairways and greens", but I suspect the golfers might have a sense of humour failure...

PS "Signs I like #1" was in my first post but I hadn't thought about themed series of blog posts - early days!


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  2. lol...the other classic is `spraying in progress,please do not lick your balls`...a headgreenkeeper once posted this on the 1st tee of a very famous links golf course where i once worked..also a sign was made with arrow pointing to the 3rth tee!!!...with my spelling we buy signs...


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