Monday, 18 January 2010

Hello, good evening and welcome (Signs I Like #1)

Cable car station, St Anton, Austria - any irony intended? You decide!
Hello and welcome to my new (and first) blog. I can't promise to entertain you but hopefully it will entertain me at least. Lots to learn - for instance, do I add on adverts and make money or not? etc etc. Anyway, that's me started. S x


  1. hello big bro...looking forward to your future posts...blogs..where friends are found from far away places with lots in common...seen a few blogs with add`s...didnt know you got paid?,
    anyway wheres the star of the show?,look forward to seeing ella on morning patrol of kings park!

  2. Excellent. Does a 'Horny' in a can really exist?

  3. Who knows? But it clearly keeps the Doctor away or they wouldn't be able to say so in the advert, would they? Kate -I think you should go out and procure some "Horny" today!


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