Monday, 8 February 2010

Signs I like #4

"Otters crossing" sign on the Vatersay - Barra causeway, July 2008

I like this as it combines a number of Scottish Nature Boy obsessions: Scottish nature, signs, campervanning and visiting islands. And what a great thing to do, putting up road signs warning motorists about the risk of running over Britain's most popular semi-aquatic carnivorous mustelid. No danger of running any over that day - or for the whole fortnight of the trip. Not a sniff of an otter anywhere along the full length of the Western Isles, although I did see my first corncrake, after years of only ever hearing the devious little blighters. But that's another story...


  1. You've SEEN a corncrake! That's headline news, Natureboy!

  2. never seen an otter yet in the wild!.have heard corncrakes on lewis i think..


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