Sunday, 7 February 2010

Signs I like #3

This was in the highest mountain restaurant in Europe, between Cervinia and Zermatt, on the Italian-Swiss border. I love the lack of ambiguity about this warning sign - no messing - go here and you and your expensive skis and poles will end up as a mangled mess at the bottom! Oh, and one of your skis will come off...


  1. What happens when you're a boarder? Or do they utilise specific boarder signs?
    Just want to be prepared. I'll be taking up boarding with my son next week on the risk of being dismembered during a spectacular 10ft face drop.

  2. Good luck Dre- I suspect the warning sign pre-dates boarders! I once took a 1 hour snowboarding lesson straight after an intensive 1 hour skiing lesson and I could hardly move the next morning! Maybe someone with a marker pen needs to modify the sign to add a falling boarder! So long as it isn't a Belgian one, eh?


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