Sunday, 17 April 2011

Signs I like #16 (and a medal to boot!)

I loved the enthusiasm of this advert for free swimming provision in Glasgow for the over 60s and the very young. This was in Glasgow's fantastic Tollcross pool where I swam 5 kilometres yesterday for the Swimathon 2011. I managed 1 hour 36 minutes, a big personal best and managed to raise a wee bit of money for Marie Cure Cancer Care who organise the Swimathon every year. We were each even given a wonderful chunky medal.

Stirling Triathlon Club provided most of the participants and had a lovely supportive squad at the end our lane when my swimming pal Tracey L and I finished our 200th length. So, I was already smiling and full of endorphins (happy chemicals) from my swim when I walked out and saw this sign. If that was a political party manifesto, I'd vote for it!

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