Friday, 29 April 2011

Reflections on Royal Wedding day in York

It.s not often my blog has the chance to cover something topical! We took a wee stroll through central York early this morning and looked for signs of preparation for England's celebration for that wedding in London today. Back in Scotland, enthusiasm for the royal wedding has been at strongest muted and, at worst, invisible (no street party licences applied for in Glasgow, the "second city of the empire", for example). Coming to York, we expected perhaps some signs of a greater enthusiasm. So, by way of ethnographic recording (my only interest here is to document, not to judge nor to celebrate!) , here are our observations from early morning York today.

A cul-de-sac awaiting a party later today

A cheap and cheerful display in a travel agent's

"One likes the royal corgi in the window of White Stuff!"
A fine range of second-hand royal event mugs in a charity shop window. They must live for these opportunities to shift stockpiled royal stock in charity shops...

My favourite image from this morning - somehow the addition of flag bunting looks cheery!

Even (or pehaps especially) the wonderful
Betty's of York is in on the act today!

Union Jack bunting being disentangled and hung for a party in this central York square later on. Get yourself down to the Three Cranes for a knees-up later on?


  1. Betty's do it properly don't they? And can I spy an upside down Union flag in there, or is it merely back to front?

  2. We can't go to york with the obligatory trip to Betty's. {Especially for the swiss connection.}

    Enjoy your break - if that's waht it is - in one of our favourite cities.


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