Sunday, 5 September 2010

Singing in Stirling...

The following Youtube video was put together to promote a music project that O and I have been involved in as two of 30-40 singers who collaborated to put together a CD earlier this year. Singing Stirling and Kippen Wee Sing are two amateur community singing groups in this area (there are many others too). We sing with the former, and the two groups decided to work together on a special project this year.

It is the first vid I've done for Youtube so the picture editing is a bit hammy, but at least the pics are nice! I hope you enjoy the music too - you can also watch it direct on Youtube here and read more of the blurb about the CD project, how to buy it if you are interested, and about the song featured here (Both Sides the Tweed, traditional, but better known as a song performed by Dick Gaughan, someone about whom I've blogged before).


  1. Well done you! fantastic ad and the music's good! Thanks, Miriam

  2. This is great Scott! Thanks so much for putting it all together. Am going to send it to my kids and Danny in Cambodia. Hope it doesn't make him too homesick!

  3. Absolutely fantastic, Scott, well done! Looks brilliant, sounds amazing. Thank you!

  4. Thanks gang - that process of recording and performing this with you lot was one of the most interesting and fun things I've done in the world of music. I think we should do more!


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