Sunday, 26 September 2010

Rock balancing in Corsica

We've just returned from 12 days in Corsica, where I was surprised to see lots of rock balancing everywhere we went on mountain and coastal trails. The phenomenon was so widespread that it must be a bit like the throwing of stones onto cairns by the paths in the Scottish hills (although probably not as polarising as that activity in terms of love/hate!).

As I know at least one of my friends will be interested, here are some pics of the more amusing or artful examples.

I really liked the artful simplicity of this one - it looked just like a little figure who'd nodded off beside the path!

No - the camera wasn't squint - this really was on a sloping rock on a steep hillside!

This was by a river at the bottom of the Spelunca Gorge and, I presume, must have been placed there this year, after the Spring meltwaters had receded.


  1. Rock! Nice blog!

  2. Thanks very much JC - yes, it was a fun side project collecting pictures of these little piles as we progressed around northern Corsica!

  3. Hey SNB, hope you're well? By a bit of coincidence I was reading about Bill Dan the other day, who seems to be a bit of a fan of this art form. Take a look at the gallery on when you get a chance.

  4. Hi jono - happy to have had such a great holiday and straight back home to a nascent cold - heyho. Bill Dan does the most extraordinary balancing with rocks and other objects (bricks, cans, etc). Some of it seems to defy physics (which, of course, it doesn't). My link above is to wikipedia where he is one of the listed famous rock balancers, along with Andy Goldsworthy (no surprise!) and Dave Gorman - I've never seen any of Dave's rock balancing - must check his flickr site sometime, no doubt he has some there.


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