Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Battle of Britain Day, 15th September 2010

15th September, while I was away on holiday so couldn't post this at the time, is designated as Battle of Britain Day in the UK, in memory of all the brave people who fought (and in many cases, died) to keep Britain free, particularly at the height of the aerial battle for Britain in August and September 1940. A Battle of Britain memorial was installed on the London embankment in 2005, and I saw it for the first time last year. It shows the true horror of the blitz, representing the men, women and children involved on the ground, and the men of both sides who battled it out in the air above southern Britain. Here are a couple of the pictures I took when I visited it for the first time earlier this summer.

My little brother, CHAMPION prize-winning amateur film maker, has made a new short film about the RAF Spitfire squadron that was stationed at Drem in East Lothian, near where we grew up. A long way from the London blitz, no denying, but this squadron was heavily involved in defending Britain in 1940, and claims to have been the first squadron to be engaged in aerial combat action during world war 2.

My brother's fantastic wee film can be seen from his blog here, where he has embedded his Youtube film, and where you can read his background to the film. You can also just watch the film below (although I recommend that you watch it through the blog, so you can read the supporting story):


  1. Hope you enjoyed the break away. I saw this on CK's blog and was intrigued by the story of Drem, a place close by yet I know very little about it. You're right too - he is a champion. A great wee film maker with a good eye and a talented story teller in his films. I've featured one of his films on the blog recently too. They're fantastic stuff!

  2. Hi Al - aye, it was great to be away - I have a few posts to write about it, so keep 'em peeled!


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