Saturday, 9 October 2010

Happy Birthday, Mr Lennon...

I'm sure it would have been a great party for John Lennon's 70th birthday today... here's what we've been missing all these years:

Just imagine...

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  1. I grew up listening to the Beatles as my parents were big fans and my sister and I soon became so. I remember him dying but was too young to really understand. However my sister, 4 years older, was so very upset. I remember she drew this beautiful picture of him.

    I still listen to the Beatles and John Lennon a lot. He is ever missed. Its hard to believe he would have been 70, he is ever youthful, as is Paul.

    It is so very sad and cruel that he was murdered however he did in a half life time what some of us would never achieve in a millennia.

    Thanks for remembering him on your blog.


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