Wednesday, 25 August 2010

And at the setting of the sun...

Sometimes Mother Nature offers up sights that just need to be shared! Tonight's views into the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park from our house and from the King's Park in Stirling, at and just after sunset...

Ben Lomond from the house as the sunset began to impress

Then, out walking the dog on the King's Park, initially O and I thought it was all over, but...

... we were wrong,

Oh so wrong...

...and it went on and on...

... and after a few more wildly florid minutes like this ...

... suddenly, it was all over...
... and we trooped off home, enriched by the experience and once more amazed at the capacity of  fleeting, temporary reflections, refractions and diffractions of sunlight on and through cloud to dazzle the senses and fill us with awe at its breathtaking beauty. And it was free too!


  1. Simply stunning photos. It's an incredible feeling when you're touched by nature in this way. Positively life affirming.......

  2. Thanks guys. Life affirming - yes, probably no better way to describe it! I'm thinking clouds etc could well be a future theme for this blog when I run out of seasons! Lots of material in Scotland!

  3. Stunning pics, loved them all.

  4. Thanks jono - I think I'm still walking on air after seeing that last night!

  5. Fab pictures! We are off to Scotland for our summer hols this year, 2 weeks camping, although as things are going our September dates may not be too summery but you never know. We have always been very lucky in Scotland with the weather, except on Skye! But the tent stood up to it!

  6. you can't bet a good sunset or sunrise for that matter

  7. I know what you mean lom - but I am never up early enough for capturing sunrises!

    Dancin' - thanks! And where better to holiday? The Land of Nature! I hope the midgies and weather are kind to you. I've only ever been driven off Skye by the former... Have a great holiday!


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