Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Who's that girl?

When on a recent holiday staying with family in London, we took Ella for her her first visit to the capital of yuppy cool that is Clapham. We joked with O's Mum that Ella had, like Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat, come down to London to see the Queen. So, imagine our surprise when...

But wait ... who's that in the upstairs window ...?

Surely not ... it can't be... but it is...
And you know, she never even waved back...


  1. I think she looks like old Phil in drag up in the window!

    What a thought.......

    It'll be The Tower for me one day

  2. Haha - it was a funny scene, I must admit. Sadly Ella missed the humour - as a terrier, she just likes jumping up onto walls. Welcome back Al - good trip to Klosteri?

  3. I think she just showed good taste and refused to comment!Rosie

  4. Haha - she clearly was not amused!


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