Thursday, 29 July 2010

A fine sequence!

I like the progression from raw material to processed fuel, drying nicely for the winter, in these pictures from my garden! The energy of sunlight captured and stored for future use...

Sycamore in big bits

The executioner's block and axe

A good day's work done!


  1. How very Swiss of you.

    I saw a number of examples this year where the chopped wood had a shape laid in - a square or a circle etc, often in stainless steel - and the wood stacked around it made a hugely decorative feature of it.

    Here's an older example from a couple of years ago in this wee selection of holiday snaps.

  2. Hi Al - I have to confess to being heavily influenced by the Swiss in this - and the Italians - I will post up my logpile pictures from the Dolomites - I now know there will be at least one appreciative reader!

    And - wow- I almost missed those log piles in your photos as they look like walls - they're amazing! Cheers, SNB


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