Friday, 14 May 2010

A mote of dust in a sunbeam...

The late, great and sadly missed Carl Sagan is being mentioned a bit on Radio 4 just now, trailing a radio show where another excellent science broadcaster, Professor Brian Cox, will talk about the influence of Sagan on his young life. The perfect excuse to post this. As a scientist, humanist and aetheist, I find his perspective on our importance quite reassuring! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Even if you don't agree with the (literally) world view, you can still enjoy it as a performance. Sagan was a superb presenter of big ideas about our universe and his views on our place in it, delivered in a highly accessible way.


  1. I remember him on 'Cosmos'. I think he was the first scientist who made any sense to me.

  2. Me too Al - on both counts! Although James Burke was up there too (and is till on the go!).

  3. You're right. James Burke is another super candidate.

    I loved - oh what WAS his name - elderly, excentric, spindly and with wildly waving arms was it Magnus Pike???


  4. and Sagan and 'Cosmos' led me to Vangelis too which has been highly theraputic over the years.......

  5. interesting film big bro!
    what about the vulcans though?
    im looking forward to the new stephen hawkins documentry on discovery soon...
    now that guy is clever!

  6. Al - ah yes, Magnus Pike - I loved him too - he was a firm fave of our Dad which is how I suppose we pick up on some of these influences at an early age. I was tickled pink at the time when Thomas Dolby included him on his hit single "She blinded me with science"! I still listen to it today just to hear Pike's voice - I bet he wondered what the hell that was all about!

    Coastkid - thanks bro - one day, it would be nice to post a film I'd actually made myself, as you do! Considering buying the Flip digital vid camera - any thoughts?


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