Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Signs I Like #29

Oops! For various reasons, I haven't blogged since two months ago yesterday. That's a darned poor way to keep your readership and a terrible way to make friends and influence people. Received wisdom is that, if you've missed several weeks of exercising, the return should be brief and gentle to begin with. In order, therefore, to exercise my under-used blogging muscle in the recommended manner, I would like to share this fun blackboard sign from our local BeanScene cafe-bistro.

The place is staffed by lovely, enthusiatic young folk, and this chalked encouragement buzzed with energy (or is it just caffeine?). And the dinosaur skull looks anatomically accurate for a T-rex (or Saddosaurus if you'd prefer), which pleases me!


  1. I should point out that, although the drawing may indeed be accurate, the statement that a lack of caffeine led to the demise of the dinosaurs may not be strictly correct. Just saying.

    1. How do you know, were you there? ;-)

    2. Clearly archaeologists have missed that tell-tale layer of caffeiniferous fossils!

  2. Thanks bro! I have a few articles in draft, so stay posted!

  3. Been too long SNB. Welcome back.


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