Sunday, 6 February 2011

R.I.P. Gary Moore, another of the Lizzies gone...

I have just heard the sad news that rock guitar legend Gary Moore, has died in Spain. A truly talented rock and blues guitarist who was a stalwart of the band Thin Lizzy for a while, and a great solo artist. I saw him play live at the Edinburgh Playhouse once and, after the gig, was given a signed photo from the tour bus. He was a startlingly good guitarist, live and on record. I hope this wee film does his memory justice.
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  1. Oh No - Can't believe it. I was watching youtube videos of Lizzy only yesterday. Another favourite gone too soon.


    What you said was spot on SNB, spot on.

  2. Another Hero gone...
    Another band i grew up listening to which i still do thanks to you big bro

  3. Hi Al - terible isn't it? Only 58 years old. What a shame... always loved his rock, blues, jazz rock. Whatever he did, it was immaculate and heartfelt playing.

  4. Hi CK - yes, sadly so. It was a real shock to hear this last night. Expect to see much of him on facebook, blogs and tv for a while. Very glad I did manage to see him play live at last once. It was awesome stuff. Cheers bro, SNB


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