Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Technology is so enabling! (I hope...)

Sorry to subject you to a wee trial but this post is simply a first attempt to blog from a new Android phone. I'm hoping this will facilitate more frequent posting on my part!
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  1. Hot stuff, eh? Almost Borg technology! And I've downloaded Google Sky and a tricorder as well as a pocketful of ukulele tuning and chord apps. Way to go!

  2. Aw naw - you geek boys are just scary.........

  3. Well I can see it.

    Have a lovely holiday

  4. Well, that worked then... Thanks guys!

  5. Just to up the geek stakes a little. A new feature is to appear on Blogger blogs soon whereby a mobile version of your page will will be displayed if viewed via a phone etc. Something Wordpress as had for a while.

    Nice to see you have a good taste in phone. :-)


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