Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Signs I Like #15

This is Scotland...
Heaven forbid that we should actually encourage
anyone to play any sport or take any exercise on their local green spaces.
Got to keep it neat and tidy after all!
And I mean, we wouldn't want to encourage that nasty, brutish, noisy,
Celtic shinty nonsense now, would we ...?


  1. haha, just like the `No Ball Games` at sea green at Aberlady...
    where a few future good golfers honed there skills

  2. The British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BTCV), who specialise in helping comunities take ownership of cleaning up run-down areas around them, did a fantastic commando project where they got little kids in run-down housing estates to stand next to signs in their local parks and play areas saying "No Ball Games", holding boards on which were written in big letters: "Why not?" - just brilliant!

  3. Because old people like “quietness”, They are in training for the next level…., Dead!! lol

  4. hahaha - bedankt, but be careful Tommy - I'm quite old and I only like quiet intermittently!

  5. i remmember pre Open Access days driving down a riverside glen looking for somewhere to camp and every tree had a sign on it; no fishing, no camping, no fires (fair enough on that one),
    no turning, and finaly a faded sign which someone had written in marker pen `no life`


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