Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Signs I Like #9: Time Travel

Oh, this made me smile - two copies were taped to the metal benches next to the skateboard bowls in King's Park in Stirling yesterday morning:

I'm tempted to be there at 11.34 a.m. on Friday just to see who has turned up to see who turns up, if you see what I mean. A few things - the spelling of "courtesy" has obviously drifted a bit in the future, the young man (it is signed "Ollie" and it reads like it might have been written by someone in their teens, although they are obviously already a high-achieving science geek!) WILL be arriving naked, as he has scored out that he won't be arriving naked (I wonder whether an earlier experiment has revealed that he can't take clothes with him?), so it might be good if someone takes along some spare clothes or a towel or something for him, and I like the time travel movie references (Back to the Future, Terminator) but am confused by the reference to The Fly (which wasn't a time travel film, I add geekily). No reference to H.G. Wells' The Time Machine either - shame!

I'm also trying to work out when and how he taped these signs on (did he tape them on yesterday morning and then press on forward to Friday 11.34 a.m.? In which case, he must have been more than "pretty sure" that he had a time machine. Unless that was its first use) and "when" he will be arriving from? Anyway, I have a meeting then, so sadly I can't be around... more shame!


  1. Perhaps you should leave him a note of welcome and your contact details explaining your dilemma and asking if he could pick you up in his machine so you could return to his initial appearance {at some distance} and observe the situation.

    Alternatively you could just alert social services there may be a teenage streaker in the vicinity at that time.......

    and shouldn't it properly be "these aren't the moves, you know"

    Nice one!


  2. haha...yeah gotta go see who it is...observe from a distance with the bino`s bro!


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