Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Signs I like #7

From a Stirling pub - just how dumb do you need to be to require this level of instruction?


  1. Does it maybe go on to say 'order at bar'? As in you have made it dumber by cropping your photo!

  2. Obviously aimed at the same poor wee lambs who need the 'mind the gap stepping on/off the train' reminder or 'caution coffee is hot' in takeaways.

    I would question if they should be allowed out of the mental ward at all.....

    My icon/avatar thingy disappeared last night and I couldn't raise the energy to go fetch it again and reload. It's done now so hopefully I should be visible, if only in an animated fashion, in the virtual world again.


  3. Oh Kate - would I do that just for comic effect?


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